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The Alliance for Children and Youth is the coordinator of the Bulgarian platform in the international network Dynamo International.


Dynamo International coordinates an international network of social workers performing outreach activities (street workers) who work with various groups (children, youth and adults). Total 48 countries from 4 continents are members of the network. Each country has a platform of “street social workers”, and each national platform may have members who perform outreach and supervision street work or other street activities. Social workers, psychologists and other specialists involved in street work are members of the national platforms. The idea of such a platform is to affiliate street workers. By affiliating numerous specialists who are in contact with people working or living in the street, the network aims at increasing the efficiency and quality of services and practices with the help of training, exchange and application of educational tools. The network also aims to create international mobilization for provision of sustainable and structured responses to the problems which street people all over the world are faced with.


There is a training institute in Lisbon, which is part of Dynamo International, holding various training events and workshops. The network languages are English, French and Spanish.



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The Alliance for Children and Youth provides opportunities to undergraduates from different universities to do an internship at the 16+ Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, at the Faith, Hope and Love Crisis Center for children victims of violence and at the Faith, Hope and Love Centre for Street Children.


Soon-to-be psychologists, pedagogues, social pedagogues and social workers from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, New Bulgarian University, Yordanka Filaretova Medical College to the Medical University in Sofia have the opportunity to gain practical experience which will be useful in their professional career. The students take part in mobile outreach work, talk to children and families who are trapped in grave situations, and have the opportunity to understand the problems of youths who left the institutions or fell into the state of homelessness.


Meeting people from vulnerable groups is useful because it builds up students’ specific skills such as empathy, communication skills, and decision making skills. Every student has the opportunity, under the supervision of the Alliance experts, to apply the knowledge obtained at the university while receiving adequate professional feedback. The involvement in project implementation is valuable experience for every young person, since this is a way to acquire new competencies.



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S.U.P.E.R. Club was founded in 2010 by a group of young enthusiasts and adult professionals who supported them in this endeavor. The Club is located in the building of the 16+ Youth Day Care Centre of the Alliance for Children and Youth.


The Club members are young people, volunteers from different educational institutions on the territory of the capital city. The Club activities are related to promotion of a healthy lifestyle by holding preventive actions such as campaigns, outreach work and training events.


The majority of Club members have undergone a couple of basic training courses held under the HIV/AIDS Control and Prevention Programme, which makes them trainers using the peer-to-peer training approach. They transfer the knowledge obtained on sexually transmitted infections to their peers in an accessible and appealing way to young people, using interactive approaches.


The S.U.P.E.R. Club membership is an opportunity for the volunteers to become part of the Y-PEER international youth organisation, which is no doubt an advantage once they decide to study abroad. The membership is open and free of charge. The Club is open to volunteering newcomers from the 10th, 11th and 12th grades, and also to university students who are seriously involved in health education.


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