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The phenomenon of street children and youth in Eastern Europe emerged in the late 1980's and early 1990's as one of the outcomes of the unfavourable economic situation in the region. Most of the street children and youth in Bulgaria are of Roma origin. In Sofia alone, several hundred children live without permanent shelter or residence. While the exact number of homeless children and youth in the country is difficult to establish, estimations range between 2500 and 5000 children. In the early 1990's, non-governmental organizations took over the responsibility of caring for Bulgaria's street children due to the state institutions' insufficient resources and reluctance to deal with the problem.


Every day, street children face:

☹ Homelessness

☹ Hunger and malnutrition

☹ Illness and disease, combined with a lack of medical care

☹ Little, if any, adult support and advice


Street children are often subjected to:

☹ Violence

☹ Exploitation

☹ Discrimination

The mission of the Alliance for Children and Youth is to defend the rights of street children and adolescents and support their physical, emotional and social development.


Additionally, the alliance works to facilitate successful reintegration into society with the help of various public institutions.


The Alliance for Children and Youth is a non-governmental organization jointly sponsored by the Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation, the Municipality of Sofia, the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Communities 2002 Foundation.


The information on this website describes the current issues facing children and adolescents on the lowest rungs of Bulgarian society. Ideally it will enable you to recognize the ability of the individual to instil hope, faith, and love to children and adolescents across Bulgaria.













The Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration 16+


Еxists since 2014 and it directly continues the work of 16+ Youth Day Care Centre.


We offer a variety of services, aiming to provide inclusive, accepting environment that stimulates the individual development. It is our mission to help children, young people and families at risk of social exclusion to build themselves an independent and adequate life. Our clients benefit from social-psychological consultations after planning a program for social inclusion and acquiring social skills, taking into account the specific needs of every individual seeking our help.


These people can also use Speech therapy, psychological aid, physical rehabilitation, legal and juridical consultation, as well as informal educational programs for the children.

Crisis Centre Faith, Hope and Love


The Alliance for Children and Youth has been running the Faith, Hope and Love Crisis Centre service in Sofia since December 2012. The Centre has a capacity to accommodate 22 children. The following is provided as part of the service: Shelter and Protection; Meeting the basic needs of a child: food, clothing and footwear, sanitation and hygiene services; Healthcare – prevention and medical treatment; Psychological support /using external consultants and treatment if necessary/, Psychological support /both individual and group activities/, psychomotor development activities; Crisis Intervention; Providing support for school studies, career guidance and motivation; Enrolment and reintegration in the respective school grade; Providing support with the school subjects and exam preparation; Cooperating with the pedagogues, the pedagogical counselors and the psychologists at the respective schools where the children are enrolled; Training programmes for the school clubs: Music, Arts, Computer Club and extracurricular activities for the schoolchildren; Working with the families of the children and with other adults who are important in children’s lives.

Faith, Hope and Love Centre for Street Children


The Faith, Hope and Love Centre was established in 1995 by the Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation and the British charity organisation ChildHope UK.


The Centre for Street Children started functioning in 2009 as a continuation of the Faith, Hope and Love Centre. For six years the Centre has worked with over 250 children and their care-givers. The Centre offers social services in the community in the form of day care. The program of Centre for work with children on the street includes: social street work, responding to children’s basic needs – food, clothes and shoes appropriate for the season, sanitary-hygienic needs, providing health and dental services, social services for mending and strengthening ties between children and their families, psychological support, educational support and programs, rehabilitation programs, family counseling and support, administrative services.

Community Support Centre for Children and Families at Risk


In the 2011–2013 period, the Centre worked with and provided support to more than 140 children and over 90 families.


The service covered the following activities:


Identifying and studying the needs of children at risk and their families;

Prevention of deviant child behaviour and working with children of deviant behaviour; Family counseling and support;

Prevention of violence;

Self-support group for young mothers and pregnant women;

Family planning;

Training on skills for an independent life and social integration;

Escorting children to school.

  • 14 June 2016

    The official opening of the exhibition “Childhood with no address”.

    Representatives of state, municipal and non-governmental organizations are being expected. The official statement of Madam Popova, Vice-president of Republic Bulgaria and Official patron of the event, will be announced in the hopes that more people will become engaged with the cause – happy children with better future ahead of them.

    The legendary Bulgarian music group Atlas and the children from Drago Drums School are already supporters and will play at the event.

  • 10 June 2016

    We are honoured to announce that Madam Margarita Popova, Vice-president of Republic Bulgaria has accepted to be Patron of the exhibition Childhood with no address.


    The primary focus is on the fact, that the children who live and grow up in extremely hard conditions can also have their achievements and positive growth. Here we will see how with joy and enormous enthusiasm they participate in different educational programs because they feel calm, appreciated and significant.

  • 29 March 2016

    A wonderful woman has passed away today – Yvonne, the wife of Dimi Panitza. She and Dimi were the founders of Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation and the Centres Faith, Hope and Love and “16+ Youth Day Care Centre. We are very grateful for all the love, the priceless help and support. She was a true inspiration for us.


    Rest in peace, dear Yvonne!


    We will not forget you!

  • 2 March 2016

    For those who are interested in learning more about…


    Social street work methodology new educational tool OER Open Educational Resource.

    OER is an innovative approach that can be used for teaching, learning or research, launched by Creative Commons. For who are willing to share, produce, create knowledge around issues linked with Social Street Work.


    Free access: www.streetworkinstitute.org/elearning/

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