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Faith, Hope and Love Centre

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Model of mobile work of

Alliance for Street Children

The team of the Centre for social rehabilitation and integration 16+ consists of various professionals – psychologist, Speech therapist, kinesthetic therapist, social workers, lawyer who continuously work for the improvement of social skills, social inclusion and planning a meaningful adequate life of our clients.


The target group of the Centre includes people from various ages. Our goal is to provide everyone of our clients with the possibility to live in an environment, encouraging the realizing of his own potential of competencies and gifts. Through the informal educational program and the group kinesthetic therapy sessions, happening every day of the week, we try to ease the inclusion of children at risk in the school system. We believe that early intervention is needed in order to avoid all the problems accompanying children’s transition into young adults, especially in communities at risk where there is a general lack of encouraging the child’s personal achievement and positive role models.


The active Speech therapeutic work helps children of various social backgrounds in overcoming the difficulties at their needs and emotions, and gaining a positive view of themselves.

The team of the Crisis Centre “Faith, Hope and Love” consists of young and energetic professionals with rich experience, motivation and devotion to their job. Thanks to them we have the ability and confidence to answer the needs of the children, residing at the Centre.

A highlight in our work is to maintain an understanding of individual differences and an emphatic attitude towards everyone of our clients. We believe their emotional and social functioning is not just a goal to be achieved, but a chance to establish a long-term professional relationship with emotional rapport on both sides.

The strength of our team lies in the creativity, the energy and the variability. We believe in the following basic principles:

“The only way to do your work really well, is to love what you are working.”

“When we go to work, we don’t leave our hearts at home.”

“The Crisis Centre is not a job or a routine, but a passion.”

Since 2009 the team of Centre for Street Children works with children growing up on the street and members of their community, by benefitting from the varied experience of Alliance for Children and Youth. The team of the Centre is well qualified and answers to the personal and professional standards one must uphold when working with communities at risk.


The team consists of: social workers, pedagogues, psychologists, medical professionals and volunteers working on the field as well as in the Centre for work with children on the street. There is a well-established working relationship with the Departments for child protection, the Direction “Social activities”, managed by the Sofia municipality, the Child pedagogical room in the police stations, NGO’s and citizens.

This Centre was established with the purpose to:


- prevent abandonment, violence and school drop-out;

- to promote deinstitutionalization;

- to provide counseling and support to families at risk;

- and to work with delinquent children.


The team includes: a clinical social worker, social workers, a psychologist, a pedagogue, a lawyer and a medical specialist.


All specialists working in the Centre have more than four-year professional experience in their respective competencies.

Model of mobile work of Alliance for Street Children

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The Alliance for Children and Youth was founded in September 2002 by the Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation, the Sofia Municipality and the Bulgarian Red Cross.

The Alliance aims to protect children's fundamental rights in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Bulgaria's Child Protection Act. The organization implements its programs through the Faith, Hope and Love Centre and the 16+ Youth Centre in Sofia. These programs are funded both through international grants and donations from individuals and corporations.

Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation is a private and entirely independent non-governmental organization.

It was founded on 14 June 1991 by Yvonne and Dimitar Panitza.

The Foundation aims at strengthening the process of democratization of Bulgarian society through political pluralism, free press, market economy, tolerance, educated youth and open dialogue.

The Bulgarian Red Cross was founded in 1878 and is the oldest public organization in Bulgaria. The BRC has 28 regional organisations, 269 municipal organisations and 3868 associations. The latest member of the Alliance for Children and Youth is Communities 2002 Foundation.

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